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Simulation game

The game ‘Follow the Fox’ is a simulation game played by a team of players and with a scenario based on the true events of the battle of 6-9 April 1941. Visitors wishing to take part in the game must be above 18 years of age, unless accompanied by an adult, and they must have successfully passed a small test taken on-line or at the entrance of the Museum.

Visitors may register online, select a simulation program, select the date they plan to participate, select a role to play, and book the date. To secure participation, the visitor must be present at the reception to check in 30 minutes before the start of the program. On successful check-in the player will be issued a duffel bag.

Players may choose from ten roles. 10 to 20 persons may take part in a 24-hour simulation. The game splits the players in two shifts. During the game, time passes three times faster than real time. Thus, the three-day Battle of the Forts lasts 24 hours. There are special clocks showing the simulation time.

The action in the simulation game is monitored by cameras, which broadcast it on the Web. Visitors not participating in the game may still visit the bunker while a simulation is in progress, during the hours that the Museum is normally open.

Rules for safety, conduct and distribution of responsibilities apply to all players in the game, who must be aware of the rules and respect them at all times during play. During the course of the game, players will use special clothing, devices and material which will be given to them during the check-in process. These items are all returned at the end of the game. Please, read more detailed information on our web site.

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